What way would you like me to get in touch with you?

We have a preference for phone, but by phone or by email works for us.

What is the payment schedule?

We have different payment solutions available for different sized renovations, so our payment schedule fluctuates accordingly.

Can I see your contractors license and certificate of insurance?

Yes absolutely, we can provide our contracting license and our insurance upon request.

Are you comfortable providing a list of past clients?

Yes without a doubt. Part of our first meeting is to introduce you to some of our past clients so you can get a full sense of our work and professionalism.


What steps will you take to protect my property?

We take every opportunity to protect your home. Where required we will lay down blankets, tarps, plywood or ram board.

How and where will tools and materials be stored if the job spans multiple days?

The choice is yours. Generally speaking, tools would normally be left within the room we are operating in and materials would be left inside of the garage.

How will you clean up at the end of the day?

At the end of every day we clean up after ourselves. We always make sure your home is left tidy and safe.

What is your working day like?

We normally arrive on-site around 8:15am and leave around 4:30pm. There is of course a scheduled lunch throughout the day.

Who will purchase the materials?

We will purchase the materials that are required to complete the job, but any additional hardware or finishing materials such as kitchen cabinet handles or door handles or left to be purchased by our client.

What happens if you find something unexpected?

In the event that we find anything unexpect we will inform you immediately. We will then advise you as to what the appropriate course of action could be, and the decision to move forward will ultimately be yours to make.

Do you provide detailed contracts?

We do provide written agreements to all of our clients.


When and how do you collect payment?

We do not ask for a deposit, but on day one we require all funds for the cost of materials before we can begin the renovation. Depending on the length of the job a progress payment may be requested.

How will additional charges be dealt with?

Depending on the severity of the unforeseen cost, we will use our descretion and request that payment be made either in advance or at the end of our renovation.

Is there a warranty for your service or for the materials you’ll be using?

Yes of course! We offer all of our clients a 1 year warranty on all of our work except garden beds.

Do you have more questions?